3ºB PRIM – 2018 2019 – eTwinning

Hemos recibido noticias sobre nuestro proyecto de eTwinning.

Dear all,
February is here and I have disappeared the last month. I would like to apologize as here in the CSS we are also planning many nice activities that keep me pretty busy.
During December, many members of the group participated in our Christmas Card Exchange…sharing our traditions activity. With the help of Angeliki, you can find all our Christmas traditions in an online edition: https://issuu.com/irenepat/docs/christmas_cards_exchange___sharing_ . Hope you enjoy it.
This year, 2019, we will talk a lot about the annual them of Democratic Participation. Here, you can see a first article that was published in eTwinning! We had a meeting with Angeliki last week and we planned many exciting activities for our group as well! 
Stay tuned as more new will come the next days!
Let’s have a 2019 where we will have the opportunity to debate, speak nicely to each other and share our ideas and opinions!
Best Regards,

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