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4PRIM – 2017/18 – Frozen Banana Penguin

We have tried to make delicious Frozen Banana Penguins at school. Although we had problems we enjoyed a lot.
Kiss the cook!



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3PRIM – 2017/18 – Our world

Fotos de la actividad “Our world” realizada en tercero de primaria.

1PRIM – 2017/18 – My body

We are learning about our bodies through this Physical Education and English project.

3y4PRIM – 2017/18 – Halloween Craft

La noche de Todos los Santos (All Hallows Eve – Halloween) se ha adelantado.  Han venido a clase los chicos de 2º de ESO y nos han ayudado a hacer unos vampiros y unas caretas de miedo y… ¡Nos lo explicaban todo en inglés!

Nos lo hemos pasado muy bien y al final hemos cantado todos juntos una canción, también en inglés, imitando a un esqueleto.  Ha sido genial, pero lo mejor es que los mayores nos han dedicado parte de su tiempo para que nosotros aprendamos.  Cuando seamos mayores nosotros también queremos cooperar con los más pequeños.

2017/18 – Native English speaker: Keila Williams

Today we have met Keila Williams.  She is from USA and she was born in Texas.  She has explained to us a lot of interesting facts about her country, her city (Houston), her family and her hobbies.  She is going to come to school to speak English with us twice a week in different levels.
Thanks, Keila, for being such a good speaker and person.
It has been a pleasure meeting you.  See you soon!

4PRIM – 2017/2018 – The Earth’s layers

We are learning about the Earth.  We have made a small planet and we can see the layers inside.  We have enjoyed a lot!

5PRIM – 2016/17 – Voleibol

Children from 5th level have learned about volleyball and how to improve their skills.

INF y 1y2PRIM – 2016/17 – Teatro en inglés

We have enjoyed at the English theatre. Children from first, second level and kindergarten have gone to the theatre to watch a funny story about a magic fish.  We have learned that it’s easier to find happiness in people than in money and power.

3PRIM – The City Project

Los alumnos de tercero hemos construido una ciudad en el colegio.

La finalidad es aprender cómo se llaman los distintos establecimientos y edificios públicos de la ciudad, las indicaciones para ir de una lado a otro, cruzar calles y puentes, etc… en inglés.

Nos hemos divertido mucho haciendo cada uno un establecimiento además de ser creativos y originales, ha sido una forma muy divertida y práctica de aprender inglés.


2PRIM – 2016/17 – Inicios en robótica y programación

What an amazing experience! We have learned about robots. We’ve programmed them to follow routes and find the way to go from a place to another.

Robotic classes help us to think and improve our mental skills. In this way, we’re preparing ourself for the future.

1PRIM – 2016/17 – Relaxation techniques

Because it’s very important to focus our attention we are practicing breathing in order to relax our body and mind.

3y4PRIM – 2016/17 – Psychomotor skills

Our third and fourth level students are working on their psychomotor skills. They throw objects at the targets and they are having lots of fun.

3PRIM – 2016/17 – Weather instruments

Our 3rd level pupils are learning about weather conditions and the different ways to measure and forecast them.  They are working in some hand made instruments and sharing their knowledge each other in group activities.  Social Science classes are amazing!

2016/2017 Physical Education classes

Our pupils are developing fundamental movement skills, becoming increasingly competent and confident and extending the physical qualities such as agility, balance and coordination, individually as well as with others.

And they are having lots of fun!

1PRIM – 2016/17 – The Solar System

Our pupils from 1st level are learning about the Solar System. They all know the name of the planets, our star the Sun, and some interesting things about our satellite the Moon.
They enjoy their classes in Social Science at the same time that they do handmade flahcards.
¡Look at their works!